Service & Parts


HPE Service and Parts represents our commitment to Customer Care and Satisfaction.


HPE is determined to support her clients at every stage with professional relationship. HPE offers an incredible wide range of spare parts and components, with highly trained technicians. To undertstanding the details and consideration of users needs and requirements is the core and efficient of our after sales service.


We ensure our technical specialists performed well to provide our customer with a peace of mind and able to focus on the primary objectives i.e. moving forward with your businesses.



Our Services Capabilities

  • Air Compressor Repair & Service
  • Air Dryer Repair & Service
  • Air Compressor Air End Overhaul
  • Compressed Air Piping & Air Ducting
  • Pneumatic & Hydraulic Project
  • Custom Modification on Material Handling Equipment
  • Maintenance Contract
  • On Call Repairing
  • Dust Collector Services - Replacement Filters & Bgas 

* Above services are available for Air compressor, Air dryer, Handling truck, Scissor lifter, Compresses air piping & solution, Home elevators, Special elevator, Pneumatics & Sydraulic.