Compressed Air Filtration Solutions - F-Series Filters

Designed and Built for Exceptional Performance

Ingersoll Rand’s advanced F-Series compressed air filters reduce contamination in your air stream to help protect your critical processes and valuable equipment. Our filters are rigorously tested and engineered with superior components to provide years of reliable performance and consistently high-quality air.

Better Quality

Without effective filtration, products and processes that depend on compressed air are subject to increased scrap, poor quality and additional maintenance. Ingersoll Rand F-Series filters address these issues, helping to assure your compressed air system delivers clean, high-quality air throughout your facility.

Better Efficiency

Maintaining a low pressure drop on all compressed air components is critical for an energy-efficient system. Ingersoll Rand F-Series filters have been engineered to deliver low pressure drop throughout the life of the filter element and to provide a unique dual indicator that illustrates the true cost of pressure drop on the system.

Better Choices

Every compressed air system has unique filtration requirements. F-Series filters are available in four different filtration grades, providing complete filtration solutions for all critical compressed air processes.